Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last few weeks

Here are some pictures from the end of December and first half of January.

We had a big blizzard on the 26th. 

Mommy, what is that?!  I wanna go out there!

Mommy, I can't walk in this.  And now my glove fell off.  I'm done!

And so we stayed inside and played with new toys. 

We got Gyffy out, big hit.

On New Years Eve, we celebrated Christmas with Ryan's parents and grandparents. 

Andrew was totally exhausted by this day!  he had such a blast :)

In January...we were bored and attempted a photo shoot...it was a huge fail, but I thought this was kind of funny.

Andrew came home from school wearing a birthday hat.  (See Elliott, ready to greet him?)

We played in the basement lots - which generally means playing a game called Hoppy Toad on the couch.

We started giving the boys a bath in the garden tub.  They think that's pretty cool.

During our warm weather streak we got some time outside.  The boys were excited that they could play in the snow, without being in the snow.  They liked stomping in it and hearing it crunch, which was by hysterical giggles.

Elliott loved running back and forth.

He has a new love of kicking the ball around.

Being silly

Walking with confidence

Going for a spin on his new tricycle

See ya later!


Ashley January 15, 2013 at 10:00 PM  

Beautiful photos, as always! I love the one of Elliott doing pushups with his tummy on the ball - I can't do that!

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