Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elliott's first trip to the library

I took Elliott to the library yesterday.  It was warm outside but dark and rainy so we needed something fun to do. He loved having space to run and move, reading books, and playing trains.  I brought my camera but it was almost dark out, so I may have to go back when it's light out!  

When we first got there.

Taking it in

Can we stay forever?


This one looks pretty good!


 So many books!

Let's read!


He brought me the book and then saw the chairs.  He was excited because he loves trying out new sitting spots.  He is signing (his modified version of) "sleep" here.  He loves to pretend to sleep in random places - I guess he picked that up from Andrew.

He loved this spot.

We headed upstairs to look for more light, no luck, but this was cute. 

Hey, Mommy, it's time to eat again!  There's no food here!  And off we went to the food stand, where he was in his glory.

See ya later!


julie January 30, 2013 at 7:11 AM  

Cute post! He looks like he had a ball. The library makes a nice backdrop

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