Friday, January 18, 2013

Elliott - 20 months

Age: 20 months

(I have more pictures but can't upload them right now!)

Weight and Height: Not sure

Size: 18-24 mostly, size 6 shoe, 4 diaper

Teething:  His molars are in.  Thank. Goodness.  All his canines are on the verge of breaking through, they are red and very bothersome.

Sleeping:  Ever since Christmas/birthday fun...he's jabbering a little before he falls asleep and sleeping in a lot of days, which is nice.  Very lucky in this department.

Eating:   Elliott's a great eater and wants to eat all the time.  He enjoys most foods, but does not like potatoes.  I don't get how neither of them like potatoes!!  He loves to eat fruit and especially now that he can sign "apple" and "banana".   He loves peas, raisins, cookies, waffles, chili to name a few things.  He is distractable at meals - if Andrew mentions fruit, a treat, or playing in the basement...he throws a fit and is done with dinner.  He seems okay without reflux meds as far as I can tell, although it's a little difficult since they've been sick.  We tried yogurt this week, he liked it after several tries and it seemed to agree with him.

Movement: He is walking very quickly now.  He tries to run (but he looks like he's going to fall over, it's kind of funny) and can sometimes walk up stairs with 1 hand held.  He is doing well on the balance beam in PT and making progress with his goals - I'm anxious for him to be released and they will let him go when he is definitely age-appropriate.  He can kick a ball now too. He's doing great.

Milestones:  He is getting way more clingy and wanting to be held literally constantly, which he never really has before.  He signs with ease (as fast as I can teach him, really, my bank is limited) and he seems even more interested in learning to talk. Started speech therapy. Learning to open door knobs.  First time really swimming (he went last year but not into it or interested) at the Monon Center.  I'm also very excited that he is beginning to play make believe - he is pretending to talk on the phone and eat food and drink coffee from his kitchen set.  First time outs. First time in the snow (I think? I forget.) He is also pointing to everything and wanting to learn the labels of everything around him.

Favorite Toys:  He loves all of his toys and right now he goes so fast from toy to toy, I'm not sure he has a favorite yet.  He frequently asks to read.  He really likes shake and go cars, balls, the magna doodle, and whatever Andrew has. 

Dislikes:  Last month "high chair" was listed as a dislike, but now Elliott despises the high chair. He got upset last month when we put him in it, and now he's just beyond mad. 

Loves:  Everything as before, but right now what really makes him happy is seeing people and doing things.  He is interested.   He loves to go out to eat, do activities as a family, go to the pet store or the park, play chase, play ball, taking a bath, etc.  Funny, I just read Andrew's 19 month blog post, and I said his favorite past time was also playing chase! 

Words and Sounds: Elliott says Quack now!  He has said Moo a couple of times when he was really concentrating.  He makes an elephant sound and kind of a Meow.  He still growls a lot and that's his default animal sound. :) He signs more, all done, eat, sleep, apple, choo choo, book, fish, and banana.  He almost has please, thank you, up, and drink, which we started all a couple of days ago.  I probably won't go past those :)


Candice January 18, 2013 at 11:28 PM  

I absolutely love your blog. Your photos are fantastic. I'm impressed to read you have only been working on your photography skills for a few years. Me too, but I am no where near as good as you.

My kids are similar in age as yours, Graham (Feb 2008) and Macy (Jun 2011).

I am your newest follower! :)

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