Sunday, January 6, 2013

Andrew's 4th birthday

For various reasons we decided to keep Andrew's birthday low key this year.  We didn't really even have a party.  We had a couple friends over to play in the morning and then we had dinner and cake and presents with Ryan's family that afternoon/evening.  I felt a little guilty for not making any banners and not even having balloons, but I'm pretty sure he didn't even notice.  I did make a GFCF coffee cake for a breakfast treat, which he was excited about.

Andrew had a great day.  He originally wanted a dump truck birthday (hence his birthday shirt), but later decided he wanted a birthday cake with cars around it like last year.  So, flexible Mommy made it happen - it wasn't very pretty at all - and it didn't taste all that good (gluten casein free cake!) - but he was beyond happy!

Hanging out in the morning

Family arrived

Elliott and Grandma (look alikes!!)


I put together a cake when he napped.


Coming down from his nap (excited for cake and present time!) 

Opening presents (he rips through them pretty quickly now)

(This made me laugh)

Look!  I can be the center of attention too!!


My new blanket has cars on it!!  He gets so excited when he sees cars, I keep trying to drill in his head that all presents are not cars..

Elliott loved it too.



I can help!



Family :) 

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out his candles




Other than this birthday and Halloween, I think this is the only other time Elliott has had cake, he LOVED it!

Traditional birthday photo op

3rd year:

2nd year:

1st year:

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