Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Andrew - 4 years (stats)

This is dry, but I'm posting this primarily as reference for Andrew's photo book for this year, since it'll take me a couple of months to finish it. :)

Age: 4 years!

Weight and Height:  Find out soon

Size:  4 shirts and 4 slim pants are perfect. Size 10 shoe.  Can almost fit into 3/4 undies now, his hips must be growing ;)

Sleeping:  He's all over the place.  He really doesn't need a nap anymore, but if he naps he'll take a long nap and then stay up quite late.  If he doesn't nap he sleeps about 12 hours.  He's very flexible and it's nice! 

Eating: Currently doing well on a gluten & casein free diet with little complaints on his end.  We haven't noticed any improvement except for with his reflux, but he did develop a kidney stone, so we're still investigating if the diet played a role. Some things he really likes right now are sweets (esp chocolate), ants on a log, deviled eggs, rice, fruits & veggies, raisins, hummus, muffins, spaghetti.

Andrew is acting much, much older lately.  He is fun to be around, is pleasant on errands, likes to wheel and deal with us, interested in money and saving money to buy things, gets rave reports at school, is becoming a little bit of a homebody (I think maybe that's because we have been cooped up at home?) and is generally cooperative right now.  He really likes to play games and social games too.  I say this all the time but his memory is outstanding.  He LOVES to sing and can memorize songs so quickly, and I think he has a great voice.  He can count to 59 with ease.  He can easily write all upper and lower case letters and knows how to write and spell and handful of words.  He loves to draw and use stencils.  His new favorite cartoon is Super Why.  I guess he has a lot of similar interests and traits as Mommy growing up :)

He is more easily frustrated than he has been in the past and we are trying to take a step back to let him work though things himself - it seems to be helping and he is coming to us to ask politely for help after whining to himself.  He is very very sweet with Elliott and Elliott is his best friend.  He sometimes will get frustrated with Elliott, who's always up in Andrew's business, and push him, but overall we are proud of what a good brother he is.  His Elliott hugs are very passionate and a sort of semi-tackle.  He rarely has accidents, but over break we are working hard on helping him learn how to use the potty without assistance.  So far, we are a couple days in and  now he doesn't need a potty ring and can pee standing up.  The challenge will be carrying these over to public restrooms, but this is huge progress so far.  Andrew also just started walking up the stairs without holding on (!!) this week, which he's been working on in PT for a long time.  He recently started OT at school for sensory issues, so we hope to see some progress there!  Andrew is very decisive about what things he likes and does not like.  He gets that from Daddy, not Mommy.  He doesn't like to swim, dance, the snow, circle time, potatoes, mushrooms, when I put peppers in his rice, movies, and does not want to learn how to ride a bike.  He pretty much likes everything else that I can think of and is a very happy and content boy.


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