Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sick. Day 8.

Poor Andrew's had a rough patch.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday his teacher called 4 times.  Not good.  She said he was having pain and was sobbing, suspecting a kidney stone.  Wednesday afternoon after school, he was hysterical, and peed out what looked like white paint chips.  I saw a little bit more on Thursday too. I was having a lapse in judgement and didn't keep it, but after talking to someone else who's experienced kidney stones, and the pediatrician believes that's what it was, I'm almost sure he passed stone #4.  Thankfully smaller than the others, but about 2 mm across and thin.

Thursday he seemed like he was getting better...come Saturday...101 fever (very high for Andrew, who almost never has fevers) and started with GI-bug symptoms.  Today he hasn't eaten a bite since breakfast.  We've been bribing him to stay hydrated.

Poor kid.  I hope he is feel better for Christmas and that all the stones are through.  We're waiting for lab work to come back.  I'm glad that this is nothing that will permanently hurt him, but gosh, I hate seeing him so miserable when there's nothing that can be done. Kidney stone issues are uncommon in kids but more common in preemies from the diuretics he had in the NICU for lung disease.  Hopefully as he gets older it'll be easier to prevent and easier to explain "You need to drink gallons of water!!"

He is really struggling with sensory issues after experiencing these back-to-back.  Although, I can't say I wouldn't be terrified of going to the restroom if I didn't understand why I felt what is supposedly like giving birth, following by stomach cramping!  Thankfully, the pain and discomfort with both is intermittent and he's been happy a lot of the time watching Super Why and playing iPad.


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