Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our first Christmas celebration

We had Christmas with my side of the family on December 22nd.  It was very laid back and the boys had a great time.  We had a special dessert, chocolate fondue, and it was Andrew's first time enjoying fondue.  He loved it.  (Elliott on the other hand, doesn't like chocolate - weirdo.)

I don't often get my camera out when my parents are over, so we took a few pictures while we were waiting for Ryan to get home from the grocery.

Andrew patiently waiting to open presents.

Hanging out with Uncle Mike (his Godfather)

Center of attention:

Andrew was very cooperative so we took a lot of pictures :)

He was dying to know what was in this big present (it was a Keurig for Mommy!)

Opening gifts

Elliott got the hang of it

The boys made a special little gift for their grandparents, Andrew was very excited to give it to them!

I think Elliott enjoys the attention and hanging out with everyone more than he cares about new toys at this point. Peekaboo!

Being a ham.

Fondue (new tradition, I'm thinking - it is great because it's social, but also has no prep work.)

Watching the new glow track set in action.

Hanging out

To see all of the pictures, click here.


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