Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elliott - 19 months

Age: 19 months

Weight and Height: No update (last was 22 lb 12 oz and 32.5")

Size: 18-24 month mostly.  Size 4 diaper and size 6 shoe.  His piggies have had some sort of growth spurt.

Teething:  Yes, lots, and yuck.  He keeps chewing on his fingers and his gums are bleeding on the other side now.  Some molars are in and the others and canines are working through, making him very very emotional many days.

Sleeping: No change - still 8-7:30 and nap usually 1-3.

Eating:  Still eating constantly and I can tell he's grown quite a bit.  Doesn't like french fries.  We are trialing off reflux meds, hoping to avoid a GI referral, and it's been over a week. So far, he seems okay, but it's tough to tell since he's uncomfortable from cutting teeth.

Movement:  He's starting to lose that new-walker-walk and his walking is much smoother now.  About a week ago he started walking with his hands to his sides instead of up (for added balance).  He is also walking faster, just falling occasionally.  He can walk on a balance beam in PT with minimal help!

Milestones: Huge leap in receptive language.  Will run upstairs when we tell him it's bath time, will listen if I say "Go get your shoes and your socks", etc.  He also passed his hearing test!

Favorite Toys:  The new.big.thing is the iPad.  We just got it and they fight over it.  Otherwise, the same, trains, cars, balls, puzzles, blocks, the iXL, and Mr. Potato Head.

Dislikes:  Being left behind, especially by Mommy right now, but he usually gets over it fairly quickly. Sitting in his high chair, or being contained in any way.

Loves:  In addition to the past loves, he loves the Christmas tree.  Every morning he goes to see the tree first and points at the outlet, asking to turn the lights on.  He loves to play with switches and a cartoon called Super Why, which both of the boys now love.  When I open the van door to get him out of his car seat, he immediately extends his arm and stretches out his palm, which means he wants to push the button to shut the garage door. 

Words & Sounds:  He is making new closed-open-mouth sounds, like an elephant sound (and throws his head back), a growl sound, and closed-mouth hum that sounds sorta like "Meow".  They believe once he masters walking his speech should start to develop.  He has a new sign, "apple", which he is quite proud of and now he wants to eat apples all the time.  His receptive language has really taken off this month.


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