Saturday, December 22, 2012

Diet update

Thanks to this amazing book and some time, we're feeling pretty comfortable with this diet.  We have a pretty good idea of what Andrew can and can't eat, and are getting good at finding & making foods he can eat.  We also have a good handle on his vitamins and supplements. 

Hummus is a new food he loves.  Last night he had a hay day dipping carrots in it.  Ryan made his own today, it tastes amazing, and I'm really picky about hummus.

Some other foods we've been eating are corn chips, GFCF pumpkin muffins, always fruits & veggies, hamburger patties, trail mix, corn pasta/spaghetti (the corn noodles are really delicious actually, I love them). 

20 days in, we're not sure yet how this is affecting Andrew. He's been so sick it's clouding things, but, his reflux definitely seems better to me.  I see no difference in behavior/development/attention (although we're told if that happen it would be more around 3 months). 

The big question we're facing is how the diet may have played a role in his kidney stone, to which everyone agrees that is what happened, that he started to develop 1-2 weeks after starting the diet.  Seems too coincidental.  Possibly he just had a bad drinking day.  His labs came back a bit different, his oxalate is actually better (which is good) but his citrate level is quite a bit lower (bad, despite being on medicine.)  The nephrologist & nutritionist are teaming together to analyze a couple of days of what he's eating to find out if something obvious is causing the stones, or possibly he just needs more supplement, or possibly the diet isn't for him.  The doctor said that she believes kids who tend to have GI/gluten issues also tend to have stone issues, but believes one does not cause the other, but rather, they have the same underlying cause, in which case a diet change wouldn't eliminate stones.


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