Saturday, December 29, 2012

December photos

Here are the rest of the photos from this month, excluding Christmas.  Enjoy!

Grandma Beth visited December 1st and brought a felt Christmas tree for the boys to decorate!

Elliott not cooperating for photo shoots :) shocking.

And played in toy boxes.

And saw Baby Rocky again.

And gave him lots of hugs.

We played peekaboo.

I love this one of Chubbs.

We discovered how awesome Mommy's old rocking chair is.

And this boy may be slim, but he ate, and ate, and ate, and ate...he never.stops.moving.  He is a man on a mission.

Elliott learned how to color and draw!  he loves it!

We missed Grandma Beth and Grandpa Jim, so did lots of Face Time

Elliott loves him some Face Time.

We played lots of cars

Elliott loves to sit in the center of the track and it irritates Andrew to no end. 

Elliott was sad because we didn't move fast enough when it was bath time and he had to wait a few minutes.

Elliott didn't like being told "no"...see this progression.  Heart. Broken.

Watching cartoons one morning

He went in the laundry room, got this hat, wanted me to put it on, and then was watching cartoons on his bike. Crazy boy!

Did I mention we watched cartoons?  We did a lot of that the second half of the month when Andrew got his kidney stone and then one at a time they got the flu bug.

Andrew seriously loves this fire truck ornament.  I'm going to have to get him another one next year.

After the boys felt good, they started getting rowdy! Andrew's quite passionate about his Baby E hugs.  The whole time he says "Baby E!!!!!"  (Don't let Elliott fool you, he loves it.)


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