Monday, December 17, 2012

4 years ago today

I went to work this morning 4 years ago today.  It was such a regular day.  We'd wrapped up a nice weekend; we saw my sister's orchestra play downtown, finished wrapping our presents, had friends over for dinner, and took our Christmas card photo.  On Monday morning  I had a 9 am meeting but had a hint of concern, so I called my doctor.  No alarm, they said, come in when you get a chance.  It was a 45 minute drive across town and a blizzard was on the way, so I went right in, telling my coworker that I was sure I'd be back in about an hour.

I got to the office and had to do my urine sample.  At that moment, I knew something was not right.  Cue panic. My OB was tied up so I saw another.  She was so quiet, it made me nervous, and then just said, "I'm sorry."

I didn't understand what that meant.  I knew it wasn't good and that they were sending me to the hospital, a different hospital than planned for the better NICU, in an ambulance.  I knew they said my water was bulging, and they were worried about me breaking it, so I was physically frozen.  I knew what *that* look meant on every nurse's face when they wheeled me on a stretcher out of the OB's office.

I would shortly learn all about it; that our baby had a 50/50 shot of surviving, and if he or she did survive, he had about another ~50%~ shot of having a moderate disability.  And that girls typically develop faster and do much better in the NICU than "wimpy white boys"...we'd thought boy all along, but suddenly, found ourselves rooting for Team Pink.  And I was told I would be delivering in 1-2 days at most, and pray for 24 hours to give steroids a shot to work on baby's lungs.  At 24 weeks, hours matter.  Minutes, turned hours, turned days, turned weeks...

And I won't bother typing out all the details of the next 2 weeks, because what really matters is baby boy or girl (unknown at the time) GOT 2 MORE WEEKS to grow.   I will forever be grateful to God for blessing us with those 2 weeks.  Every year, between December 17th and December 30th, I feel a little extra thankful.


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