Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall pictures of the boys

We have been abnormally ill for over a month so I didn't get to do my favorite grand fall photo shoot that I look forward to every year. 

We were lucky to get a Christmas card photo I love, so it makes up for it.

I did sneak out on a free morning to take a few pictures of Elliott at a spot near our house just before the pretty leaves were gone.  The light was in and out of the clouds and I'm learning that I much prefer evening light, but we had a fun time and I got a few cute pics, even if it wasn't what I had in mind.  Normally Elliott just gets hysterical if I take his picture, so I got lucky this day!




I had a really hard time with the light changing brightness and color temp constantly, I really need to get a better handle on that.  I couldn't get the colors right on some of these but couldn't throw them away either. :)


I think this one is my fav : )



I didn't get a chance to take Andrew out, but did snap a few in our front yard when our tree was dropping bright red leaves!  I kinda love these of him.  I can't.wait. to do his 4 year photos.



 And here are a few other snaps from the last couple of weeks.  

Elliott playing (and me playing with my lens) 

When I took these he was just starting to stand by choice.  Well, this week for the first time, he took 2 steps by choice.  And yesterday, if I say, "Elliott can you walk?" he would stand up in the middle of the room, take a few steps, and then crawl. :-)  Yesterday he also stood up on his own, walked 2 steps to me, and had a *huge* grin on his face.  He's starting to think walking might be cool after all!


Elliott loves glasses.  He thinks they are so funny. 


The boys painted their smaller pumpkins. 

Love this concentration.



And now I'm all caught up through October's pictures!


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