Monday, November 19, 2012

Elliott's 18 month appointment

Weight: 22 lb 12 oz (down a pound from his last check, but on track overall, chugging along around 30%)

Height: 32.5 inches (still around 50-60%)

Head: 48.8 cm (really big, but I don't have the %)

We got back in 3 months to follow-up on development.  Hopefully by then, we'll have a lot more progress in PT and progress in speech!  

We're also keeping an eye on his reflux.  As soon as he's feeling good again (when his molars pop) we will attempt to wean, if he can't get off meds, he'll also go to see our pediatric GI specialist.

His ears are finally clear and she was very very happy to see him walking!

And so this post isn't quite so dry and boring:


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