Sunday, November 18, 2012

Elliott - 18 months old!

Age: Elliott is 1 1/2 today!

Weight and Height: 22 lb 12 oz (30%), 32.5 inches (53%)

Size:  All of his 12-18's are now too short length-wise.  He has *plenty* of room in 18-24 pants and the shirts fit great.  Size 5.5 shoe and 4 diaper.

Teething:  All molars and all canines are partially broken through the skin.  They are driving.him.nuts.  He's frequently a blubbery mess right now and needs to be held constantly.  I remember Andrew being the same way and molars are definitely a patience tester!

Sleeping:  No change.

Eating:  Would love to eat fruit for every meal.  Also loves meat (taco meat, chili meat/beans, bbq chicken) and bread products and raisins.  Doesn't like mac and cheese or anything mushy like that.  Recently, we have discovered we actually need to consciously cook larger meals because between both boys, our meals aren't big enough to last 2 nights anymore.

Movement:  We have a walker!!!  As this past week, he is walking everywhere and prefers to walk.  Whohoo! He does really well - he generally falls probably every 10 steps or so, but pops right back up.  He is quite proud of himself.

Milestones:  Walking.  Furiously nodding yes to respond to questions.

Favorite Toys:  Nothing new that I can think of.  He tends to like what Andrew likes, although also has developed an interest in trains.  He really likes music toys, blocks, puzzles, and cars.  He always fights with Andrew over the iXL.

Dislikes:  He has a handful of dislikes, but nothing new that I can think of.

Loves:  His family and friends, especially Andrew.  Being outside.  Exploring.  Leaves, light switches, baths, eating, juice, playing chase, being big like Andrew, Andrew's bus, trains, going to the park, flap books.  He's also developing a love for animals (cats and dogs), including stuffed animals, and babies.  He also is obsessed with looking at family photos all over our house and pointing out all the magnets on our fridge.  Sitting at the kitchen table.

Words and Sounds:  Increased communication by nodding, but no new sounds.  His speech evaluation and hearing evaluation are both scheduled for November 27th.


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