Thursday, November 29, 2012

2nd half of November - what we've been up to

Now that it's colder, we've been spending more time in the basement.  The kids love this fishing puzzle.  (Elliott is frequently found sitting on tables.)

We got a few nice days and played at the park.  Elliott really had fun now that he can do more! (We saw an airplane on the way!)


Car guys. 

I like this action shot of Andrew!


The boys played with their buddy Rocky. 



And Elliott learned to give hugs.  Rocky too.

We loved to practice walking on the driveway. 

But Elliott was quite sad when I wouldn't let him put the garage door up-down-up-down-up-down. 

We got *really* good at walking.  Elliott rarely falls now and his PT is decreasing orders to every other week. 

We took lots of pictures in this outfit, because I thought he looked so handsome.  And grown up. 


After Thanksgiving (will be another post), we broke out the Christmas shirts. 

And went to Celebration Crossing. 

They loved the corn exhibit.  They were less than impressed with their first visits with Santa.

and Jingle Rails. 

Where's the train? 

Chooo chooo!


We had a mini photo shoot. 

And Andrew made elephant ears at school for their zoo unit.  When he got off the bus he told me he liked wearing them.


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