Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving and Zoo Boo

Last weekend we were finally all well and so we fit in all the fun fall activities we wanted to do.  We carved pumpkins, went to Pumpkin Fest (pictures are in Instragram), and took the boys to Zoo Boo. 

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and Zoo Boo! Lots of fun!


It was a beautiful day, about 70 deg and sunny, and the zoo.was.packed.  The candy, sunshine, and crowds seemed to bring out some sort of heightened crazy emotions in the boys, but I guess they had fun. 



Sad little Bumblebee

People-watching Bumblebee

Raging Bumblebee (because big brother has candy and he didn't)

Cute Bumblebee

Hungry red-faced-from-crying Bumblebee

Still hungry people-watching lounging Bumblebee

Always eating nom nom nom Bumblebee

Trick-or-treating in the plains. 

We saw Jacob and Lauren.  Andrew talks about these little ones a lot. 

I didn't get any other picture of Lightning McQueen.  He picked his own costume, by the way.  It had to be that one.

The boys were a bit happier after all the excitement calmed down, so we got a few more pics!







Ashley October 29, 2012 at 10:39 PM  

cute pictures, as always! Elliott's eyes are so turquoise in these pictures - so beautiful.

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