Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! (party pics)

We went to a Halloween Party on Saturday - the boys had so much fun.  Some of the kids were sick and/or couldn't make it, but we still had a fun time. 

Andrew was excited all day to go to the Halloween Party at Tyson's house. 

Click here to see some more party pictures, including the incredible food and decorations.  My friend Laura is the most amazing party hostess. You can also see a picture of the little chocolate acorns that I made!  

Here are Quinn and Elliott.  Elliott was ticked b/c he got locked out of the bathroom.  Poor little Bumblebee is just so overly emotional right now...thank you, molars and canines.  Quinn's face was too funny. 

Quinn looked beautiful. 

2 peas in a pod.  In case you didn't know, Luke and Andrew both looove cars.  (The look from Andrew is because he'd rather be playing cars!)


Love Tyson's little smirk!!


Elliott is officially a huge fan of parties.  I don't think he could decide whether he enjoyed chasing the cat or eating the food better.  That poor cat. 



And the outtakes, because that's really the best part. 

The 2 climbers are!



I noticed in several of these Andrew was looking at Quinn and smiling.  At dinner he was just staring at her and smiling.  :) hmmmm.

We stayed out a bit later than normal and the kids were so passed out. :)


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