Saturday, October 6, 2012

DIY applique knee patch pants

I love Mini Boden and I love these pants.  But I can't justify spending $30 on little bitty pants. 

Elliott in particular has a drawer full of pants that were handed down from Andrew.  Most of them were purchased used to begin with, but Andrew isn't hard on clothes and they are in good shape.  

And so it finally dawned on me...I don't need to spend $30 for quality (I can buy 6 pairs of circo pants or 3 pairs of Old Navy pants or 30 pairs of used pants for that price!) and I can replicate cute!

And after about 15 minutes of work, waa-laa!  Cuteness!

I Googled "star" and printed an image on cardstock to make my pattern.  I bought some thicker, more durable red fabric (I wanted gray, but I'll find some for my next project) to use for the patches.  I ironed it on double sided fusible web.


Then I ironed the stars on the knees and hand stitched around the perimeter with matching thread.  (I didn't machine sew because I have little patience and machine-sewing a zig-zag shape inside an itty bitty leg would have frustrated me to no end, if even possible.)

The boys keep me busy so I love little projects like this.  Just enough to do one evening while watching TV and drinking cocoa. :)

Next time I think I'll use a slightly different star shape!


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