Thursday, October 18, 2012

Elliott - 17 months!

Age: 17 months old

Weight and Height:  He hasn't been checked in a while, but continued from last month, he feels a lot bigger.

Size:  12-18 is fitting well, and even some 18-24, and a few 2T shirts of Andrew's.   His 12-18 pants are staying up better, although getting short.  I got out an 18 month Carter's outfit out of storage today, which I was sure was going to be far too big, and it was way too short.  Still in a size 5 shoes and 4 diaper.

Teething:  I see at least 1 canine and 1 molar broken through now.  He's been chewing and burpy and very very moody like crazy for a long while so we knew this was coming.

Sleeping:  The same.  When I went to get him this morning, he didn't beg to be picked up, but instead handed me his monkey book (one of his favorite books that was in his bed) and giggled, he was so happy I was there just to read that book to him.

Eating:  Great little eater and I feel like all he does is eat right now.  He wants to sit in a big chair at the kitchen table.  He suddenly learned how to use a spoon and a fork one day, and loves doing it!

Movement:  Big changes!  He frequently stands on his own, will stand with ease in the middle of the room, steadily and for a while.  He took steps in therapy every Thursday this month, with today the most at 7 steps.  In between therapy sessions, finally this week he took steps on several occasions with prompting, and then yesterday he took his first unprompted 2 steps while playing.  He gets tired very quickly with his new skill and I'm sure he will be a master soon. :)  He can walk a long way's holding our hands, and seems to be interested in walking now.

Milestones:  Standing, squatting to pickup toys, and taking his first steps!  He learned to nod, but I'm not sure if he understands what that means yet.  Using utensils.  Can do simple puzzles. Pointing.

Favorite Toys: Same, except he now really likes his radio, fake cd player, and Andrew's iXL.

Dislikes:  When we brush his teeth.  Getting a hair cut.  When he can't go outside.  Being contained.  When we make him eat in a high chair or booster.  Being left out.

Loves:  All the same (family, especially Andrew, Andrew's bus and friends on the bus, eating, being outside, cars, books, playing chase and peekaboo, music, the park) and right now especially, being so big.  Recently he's also enjoyed looking at pictures of family.  He enjoys baths, art time, and playing Daddy Monster. Leaves, trees, and flowers.

Words and Sounds:  Unfortunately no changes.  We are getting pokes from multiple angles to get an evaluation here, but are waiting until 18 months.  I keep hearing that speech often takes off after kids master walking, and I hope that's the case!  He definitely has ideas and seems frustrated that he can't communicate them.  We are continuing with basic sign language and now points, and that helps some.


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