Friday, October 12, 2012

3 weeks in pictures :)

We've been busy!

Ryan was out of town for a week in September, I took and editing my sister's senior pictures, we had a lot of long doctor appointments, Ryan had training all week and had to stay really late every night this week, the boys have a GI bug but seem to be on the mend now, we took fall pictures for our Christmas card, I have a rough draft of our Christmas card done (yeah I'm way ahead here!), we tried some new recipes, completed some fall projects, had several play dates, organized and sold some more things on Craigslist...let's see, what else am I forgetting? :) 


Daddy Monster, the coolest new game.  When Daddy isn't around, Andrew asks for Mommy monster, but never if Ryan is home.

Elliott has changed suddenly from a little baby to a toddler with a mind of his own.  He is such a goofball. 

Andrew earned a slingshot from the prize box and he thinks it's just hysterical.  He is all boy. 

Big brother is very funny

So is little brother

Loves to play blocks and peek-a-boo

Andrew is suddenly loving his iXL learning system.  I got it on clearance and never really gave it to him to play with much before.  Now he started to ask and knows how to navigate all of the menus.  He loves to practice his letters and numbers and is so good at it!  These are from today when he was sick. 

and Elliott suddenly figured out how to use utensils!  In the past he would just bang them, but all of a sudden he started crying for a fork and just knew what to do.  He's good at it too!  He's craving independence right now!

he also decided that his food needs to be whole, and he has to have whatever drink(s) Andrew has, sit at the kitchen table with no booster.  On this particular day, he also had to have the mp3 player and listen to music.  It's crazy to me how much both kids respond to music.  They are both so fascinated by it and it helps all of us on particularly fussy days.

and Elliott started pointing!  At everything!  What is this? What is that? He's learning so much right now.

And a stinker...and for some reason, he loves to pile food on top of his cup.  Random. 

Love the weather and the light.  He's so happy when he plays on his swing set.

Next up, I will be posting about my new lens!


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