Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zionsville Fall Festival

This is our 2nd year going to the Fall Festival VIP night!  The Fall Festival normally starts Saturday, but they open up the gates early on Friday night for any special needs children and their families.  I found out about that last year through a friend.  It's amazing!  

They have a dinner provided (this year we had a picnic in the car because it was pouring down rain!) and volunteers that are trained to help the kids get on and off the rides.  There are no lines!

After our lovely picnic in the car (which the boys actually seemed to enjoy!) the rain stopped and we got to enjoy the festival for a bit.  

First we went to the car roller coaster, because Andrew loved it last year and we wanted to try that before it rained.  He definitely was excited and wanted to ride it. 


After the car started to move he got really nervous - but did flash a couple smiles.



He liked this part!  I think he is saying "gooo!"

He didn't want to ride again but has talked about this ride every day since Friday.  He tells us he rode the car ride and wants to go back, but just to watch, because it's too noisy. 

After that we went and saw the trucks and watched the train, waiting for our turn. 

Andrew's turn.

big smile


Andrew also loves to play the bean bag toss games. 

Meanwhile, Elliott got a balloon!

 Checking out the sites right before we were told everyone had to evacuate for a tornado siren!  It worked out because we got home right before bed time and got to do what we wanted to do!


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