Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend with Grandma & Grandpa

Mom and Dad (Ryan's parents) came down labor day weekend.  We had 2 big ideas in mind - to start the swing set and to go to the Children's Museum.  And of course to just hang out and play!  We had lots of fun and Andrew has asked a few times to go back to the museum with Grandma Beth and Grandpa Jim!

Andrew was just so excited to go to the museum with his grandparents he couldn't take it.  I took a pictures of them walking in because he was so pumped. 


The Hotwheels Exhibit is always the biggest hit with Andrew, and even Elliott enjoyed it this time.  He's really starting to get into driving cars.  He learned from the biggest car fan there is!

Andrew was excited to run into his friend Luke there.  Also a huge car fan. 

Elliott likes playing with this

This ball machine is the other huge hit for the kids.  We named it "kerplunk!"

Elliott had lots of fun playing blocks too.  He was able to do a lot more this time now that he's cruising better and a little older!

Dad took this really awesome picture for us! 

In between the rain (lots and lots of it!) we played in the water table a little bit

Made me laugh.  He is saying "ah!"

And we started the swing set.  But that'll be another post!


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