Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last 2 weeks

We played in the water table, because we had some nice weather, and that season is coming to an end.  

Andrew learned how to blow bubbles in swim lessons and had lots of fun practicing his new trick.

Elliott also had fun practicing his new trick. 


We enjoyed the cooler weather and ate in the porch. 

After dinner one evening, we ran out and saw the trucks repaving our street.


The boys got hair cuts on the deck and then played in the water table some more. 

They thought they were hilarious

screaming contests

The little one was the instagator

Elliott pushed a push toy (a rare occurrence, but he is starting to do this by choice a little more often) - and then stopped and was staring at his feet.  "So that's what these are for?"  Today, if I said "let's walk!!" and would sit on his bottom on the floor, and then move his feet back and forth in a walking motion.  Hmmm. :)

We ran outside (and had several bad spills)

, which means it's time for these:  A brand new pair of construction-themed (chosen by Andrew) orthotics.  

(Andrew hadn't been wearing orthotics in a while because of potty training and it's starting to show big time...he had much outgrown his (they were over a year old) so we got fitted for his next pair.  He will wear these for a year and we're not sure what he'll need after that.  The second I put on his new pair, he bolted running down the sidewalk, fast, and without tripping.  He was really excited.  He has regressed a lot in gross motor and this should help catch him back up to speed.  Meanwhile, he's made major strides in potty training so wearing orthotics and shoes isn't as big of a deal anymore.)

Elliott climbed on the table.  Or tried to.  And was sad when I said "no"

because tables are his favorite place to hang out.

Oh, and he likes to eat at the big table now too. 

And a 3rd time with the water table, just because they love it that much. 



Other than that, we enjoyed the trip to the lake, splash park, the first weeks of school, and NICU reunion (already posted).  Elliott and I made it a whole 3 days into the school year before getting sick - and now Elliott has a sinus infection and just started his meds.  I'm thankful Andrew and Ryan didn't really get it. 


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