Thursday, September 13, 2012

Building a swing set, part one

We finally decided to get a swing set.  We contemplated buying or building, but found that nicely built swing sets can be pretty pricey, and I hadn't seen much in the used market.  After doing a rough cost estimate, we decided building is the way to go. 

Ryan's parents came down Labor Day weekend and Dad said he would love to help, which was the push we needed to get this project done!  Ryan spent some time modeling the design, which would include a larger fort (5' by 6'), a bumpy slide (Andrew's request), ladder, toddler swing, and infant swing.

The weather man was calling for rain most of the weekend, but they got a dry (okay, not exactly dry, they worked in the rain for a while! boo!) morning stretch to get started. 

Breaking ground:

Shovels, buckets, water, levels, better believe Andrew wanted to be in the action.  We cemented in 2 posts since we're on a hill, and Andrew thought dumping the water in was the best thing ever.

The soggy clay was apparently ridiculously hard to dig, I'm told. :)

Elliott was happy, because Andrew left behind his favorite cars to work, leaving Elliott with dibs.

And of course had some entertainment by Grandma!

Before you know it, this happens!

Then Ryan took a day off work, and did some more:

(and I also got that sand box on Craigslist!)

Someone is pretty excited!

and then they woke up from naps and there was a slide.

To be continued!


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