Sunday, September 30, 2012

Andrew - 3 years + 9 months

Age: 3 years and 9 months

Weight and Height: No clue! (Update: 40" tall)

Size:  Moving up!  Wearing size 4T shirt and 4 slim pants.  9 or 9.5 in shoes.  Super tiny car undies and we're squeezing him into size 5 diapers at night to use up what we have.

Sleeping: Since he's in school every day, he is just worn out and naps at least 2 hours (and frequently 3 hours).  In bed at 8, our alarm goes off at 6:55.  I've started letting him take a car in bed when he is cooperative for our bed time routine.  One night this week after we climbed in bed, he said, "Thanks for cooperating!"  He wakes up on the right side of the bed (like Ryan!) most every morning, although he's slow to get going (like me!) at the same time.

Eating:  Doing great and still tries most foods.  His appetite is hit and miss but seems to be growing quite well.  He also likes mac & cheese and pizza now.  He can drink from an open cup without any trouble.

Andrew is getting braver every day.  He is taking more tumbles since he's taking more risks.  He seems to be growing in confidence especially lately - he is very comfortable playing on his own at the park and interacting with other kids there.  He is very, very, sweet with Elliott and loves him so much.  The first thing he says every time he wakes up is, "You want to go see Baby E!" and he is constantly hugging and kissing him, giving him cars, and making him laugh.  

Oh, and random, but last week Grandma Beth asked Andrew how old Elliott is, and he replied, "One and a half caf!"  He picks up on everything.  He frequently says "remember when we...." and says "sure you can!"  Last week, I told him we weren't going outside because it was raining, and in his classic high-pitch-sweet-talk-voice, he told me, "Well, maybe you should buy me a rain coat?" 

With this greater independence, Andrew is wanting to do more without help and we are seeing a stronger-willed little boy.  While generally cooperative, he is throwing more tantrums and voicing more opinions than he has before.  He leaving the park or coming in from the swing set.  He also tries very hard to strike his own deals with us.  "If you drink your milk, you can have ice cream!"  Thankfully he knows and understands the rules and consequences, even if he chooses not to follow.  The other night on the swing set, he randomly told me "If you push Baby E, you have to go in time out in the chair in the dining room."  (He is referring to himself here.) He loves his swim teacher and enjoys going to his weekly lesson; he is doing better each week (he can do various kicks, blow bubbles, and float on his belly with help) and our goal is to get him to the point where he can join in a group class.

Andrew's perfect day would start off by his Daddy making Belgium waffles with fruit for breakfast.  Then, we would go to the Children's Museum (he calls it the "science museum") with all of his grandparents and spend the entire morning in the Hot Wheels exhibit.  On the way home in the car, we'd listen to his current favorite song, Hurricane (by 30 Seconds to Mars), set on repeat.  For lunch, he would have a turkey wrap with carrots and cookies.  On his perfect day, he wouldn't nap, but instead we'd spend time building awesome race tracks, blowing bubbles, drawing, playing with his ball popper, and jumping on the couch in the basement.  In the afternoon, he would play outside on the swing set, play in the sandbox with his dump trucks, drive cars, go on a walk to see a new road or house being built in our neighborhood, and watch Diego with Elliott while eating veggie sticks on a tray in the family room.  For dinner, we'd have Chinese food, followed by eating ice cream (with oreos or Reese's) while sitting in his swing set fort.  He would want to go to bed on his top bunk (he isn't allowed to sleep there yet) and read a dozen books (about cars) and sing a dozen songs (and he would sing along.)

Andrew continues to do very well with Potty Training.  Most days (and weeks) he stays dry all day.  This week we are all sick and he's exceptionally tired, so he's had a few accidents.  He also has a more difficult time if he's wound up with visitors or a fun activity, which isn't surprising.  Rewards (we have a prize box and make trips to Goodwill to fill it up) really help him to stay engaged!  He's made major strides using public restrooms, which was hard for him.  He has done great at school, he very rarely has an accident despite a longer (35-40 min) bus ride.  

He loves school and talks about his teacher and therapists a lot.  He is happy getting on the bus and so excited to see Elliott when he gets home.  Another boy always brings a car on the bus ride, so now Andrew has to bring one too.  The bus helper told me that one day he was sad because he didn't have a car too.  He is still getting to know the kids in his class this year, and they added another boy this week.  He isn't able (or willing?) to communication much about his school day, but he always tells me he has fun driving cars.  Occasionally he'll throw out another tidbit.  Last week they must have learned about castles!  He has some sort of amazing memory or ability to understand patterns because his "school skills" are way off the chart.  His teacher reported he knows all his letters, colors, and numbers 100% of the time with complete accuracy, and can count reliably to 29.  (By the way, he is quite sure that after 29, comes 2010.)  I'm not sure what letters he can write, I should ask him, but I have seen him intentionally write A, K, M, U, and H.  Tonight, he was practicing in the sand.  He has made huge strides in PT, he is still working hard in speech (primarily he still struggles with pronouns and answering questions), and will most likely be adding OT to his schedule soon.  He has gotten an "outstanding" behavior report every single day since school started!!  

Andrew has a whole lot of doctor appointments and an evaluation coming up, so we're hoping for good news!


julie September 30, 2012 at 10:17 AM  

Wonderful report and love the Andrew's perfect day summary !

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