Friday, August 3, 2012

the last couple of weeks

Here's some of what we've been up to!

Excited to be at a birthday party at a fire station...Andrew had to bring in his toy fire truck.

He likes wearing his hat. This is when he saw Sparky the fire dog

My mom and I took the boys to touch-a-truck last week.  They had a blast.  I didn't bring my camera but thankfully my mom did!

He doesn't like to sit up on any trucks but he loved ringing this bell.  

Enjoying some snacks.  Some of the stand hand out candy...candy and trucks, what more could a boy want?

We visited with our friend Matthew.  (I have been friends with his mom since grade school)

We hung out with Daddy.  Man, they look alike here!

We played with Jen, Jon, Eli and Krista. The littles loved peekaboo! (I'm hiding under the blanket)

The big boys had fun too. 

The kids got some sort of flu bug.  They seem to be on the upswing now and are in good spirits. 

With potty training and the illness, we've been cooped up at home.  Lots of cuddles and play time and Diego. 

Through it all the boys have been pretty good.  Elliott's had his moments and Andrew has been a little sweetie.  He's been a trooper through potty training during a week of chaos and has done an amazing job. 

Elliott's new thing is bonking his head under tables.  silly boy.


I am hoping these big, happy smiles means that we're all going to be better soon and we can enjoy our weekend.  Fingers crossed. Happy friday!


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