Friday, August 17, 2012

last 2 weeks in pictures :)

Other than the state fair (pictures coming in a few days), the last day of summer (pictures also coming in a few days), and first day of school (already posted), here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks.  

We drove cars and played the piano.  I know I have a picture of Andrew similar to that one, driving that car, but I can't find it!

We played with Rocky. 



We continued to work on potty training and Andrew earned a tow truck. 


Which was fun to eat snacks out of.

We also earned a little tow truck

We put our hands like this when Mommy says "How big is Elliott? So big!"


We learned to cover our eyes and play peek-a-boo

We made other funny faces

and cute faces too

We ate corn on the cob and sat on the deck, enjoying this cooler weather


and played on the stairs, because Elliott thinks stairs are awesome



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