Wednesday, August 29, 2012

lake weekend

2 weekends ago, after the NICU reunion, Andrew and I took a little trip to the lake together.  We went and stayed with friends (while Ryan stayed home with Elliott) and had a nice visit.  

One of the first things we did was go to the neighbor's beach.  As expected, Andrew was fairly anxious.  I brought his dump truck hoping that he'd enjoy playing with that in the sand, but he was nervous.  I set him in the shallow water where the sand is more packed, and he didn't like that:


But the waves came in crashing, and he did like that for a few minutes.


And he liked finding rocks.  Proud of my little guy for tackling a fear.  I just bought a sandbox so he can get used to standing in the sand. :)


He also went out on the boat!

Otherwise we hung out at the cabin and played.  (Andrew calls all vacation homes, cottages, hotel rooms...they are all "cabins" and he gets so excited...)  



Here, he was watching boats go by.  I thought it was cute how he was just sitting on that slide in his plaid shorts, holding his dump truck.

Snack time!





We had lots of fun!!


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