Monday, August 20, 2012

Indiana State Fair (last weekend)

Last weekend we went to the Indiana State Fair.  I hadn't thought about going, but after seeing how much fun some friends had, we decided to go.  We woke up Andrew from his nap and went on the early side so we had lots of time. 

This is when we first arrived.  The boys were intrigued. 

Andrew was excited to see the rides and the train and all the hoopla, but he was *really* excited one we got here:


"Mommy!  This is a Bob Cat!"

Then we fed some animals.

and then we played with some trucks - Andrew could have stayed here


On our way home! (We took the long way through the rides section, the boys thought they were fascinating to watch!)

It was really crowded, but the weather was gorgeous.  not too hot.  Next year I think we'll try to go on a week day instead.  

What a different from last year - it was super hot and Elliott cried the whole time.  This year, he enjoyed it too!

The fair in 2011:



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