Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of Pre-School

Today was Andrew's first day of pre-school for this school year!  He remains in our public school system, he's in the 3's class (since he's only 3.5, next year he'll be in the 4's afternoon class), rides the school bus, attends every morning for 2.5 hours, and receives physical & speech therapies during the week.

By the way, Andrew made the "A" in his name.  I handed him a marker and said, "Please write a letter A here" and he did without any hesitation.  What a big boy!  I ran out of time (I waited until this morning) but I should have had him attempt his whole name!

Unfortunately Andrew's old teacher had to take his school year off, but we met his new teacher and we love her too.  He has the same therapists this year, which is nice, because he talks about them a lot and is making good progress.  He also was happy to see the same bus driver and aid, both good friends of his!  

Yesterday was orientation and we only stayed for a little bit in his classroom, so Andrew was totally fired up  this morning.  He couldn't wait to see Miss Katie and play with the toys.  I'm thankful for the summer program, it was just enough to remind him of the routine and the transition was mostly seamless today.  He isn't used to waking up early (6:50, yuck!) and had about a split second of hesitation when walking up the bus steps but otherwise was totally confident and grinning from ear to ear. 

Excited to see the bus.

He kind of looks like a pro.

Mostly excited, a little nervous, off he goes!

Andrew's teacher wrote a note and said he had a great day.  He stayed dry all day too, and had no issues using the restroom at school.  (We talked with his teacher and they are using the same routine we use at home.)

We had a busy day, and Andrew had swimming lessons tonight too, we're all exhausted!  Good night!


julie August 16, 2012 at 10:43 PM  

So proud of you, buddy!

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