Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elliott - 15 months

Age: 15 months

Weight & Height:  Feels heavy and looks tall :) We haven't been to the doctor yet.
update 8/22/12 - 21 lb 10 oz (32%), 31.5" (60%), 48 cm head (81%)

Size:  12 month or 18 month shirts, I am rolling the waist on 12 month pants (that he wore LAST fall/winter) and they are still falling off...squeezing into size 3 diapers to use up what we have. 

Teething: I see at least one molar, I'm not sure all what's in there, I should try to look.

Sleeping:  Very comfortable in a 1-nap routine.  Predictable sleeper from 8 pm - 7:30 am and 1 - 3 pm.  

Eating:  He's a great little eater.  He's always hungry these days.  I feel like all he does is eat.  Harder foods seem to be hurting his molars, so he's preferring things like bananas, strawberries, and Nutrigrain bars.  Is pretty good about trying most things.  It's so nice to see no struggles in this area.

Movement:  Can stand 10 seconds, but only if tricked.  Can walk for a long way behind a push toy, but rarely will cooperate. :) He is content crawling because he's really fast.  He slides down the stairs at warp speed.  Crazy at climbing. 

Milestones:  Lots of new things this month!  This week he starting signing (eat, more, all done), is much better at mimicking movements, fist pumps when I say "Boiler up!", waves much more consistently/deliberately, experiencing a lot of separation anxiety right now, plays peekaboo by covering his own eyes, lifts his arms behind his head if I say "How big is Elliott?  So big!"

Favorite Toys: Radio Flyer car, books, piano, cars, blocks. 

Dislikes:  Not getting what he wants.  Being told "no".  When visitors have to leave. 

Loves:  Pretty much the same as last month.

Words and Sounds:  We think he said Daddy once - frequently/deliberately uses the word "mama" now.  Opening his mouth wide and saying "Ah!" in a high pitch voice, in which case he's mimicking his friend Rocky who likes to make that sound.


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