Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lions Park

Lions Park still stands as our overall favorite park.  There's lots of nice equipment that spans different ages, it's close to downtown Zionsville (snacks, coffee, quaint!), has a walking path, a creek, lots and lots of shade, and is very close to home.  More often than not, this is where we go!

(Left: Andrew in June 2010.  Right:  The boys in July 2012)

I love the comparison above because Elliott is close to the the same age as Andrew was then, and also because you can see how Andrew's mannerisms haven't changed yet he's grown so big!

Elliott loves swinging!



The boys just love playing on this hill.  Elliott thinks he's one of the big kids and does a pretty good job of holding is own even if he's crawling and big kids are mowing on by. 

driving :)


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