Friday, July 13, 2012


Elliott was released from feeding therapy on Thursday!  He was only in therapy a short time since his therapist quickly identified that he just needed medication for silent reflux.  He also had a slight texture aversion as a result, but it only took a little time to work through.  Ever since, he eats almost anything and everything and most importantly, enjoys eating and doesn't puke anymore.  His weight gain has been great lately and he is back on his curve!

Elliott's favorite foods right now are spaghetti/noodles, berries (strawberries, rasberries, blueberries), bananas, any type of cracker, BBQ chicken, waffles, toast and other bread products, toasted PB&J, lunch meat, and squeezy fruit pouches when he doesn't feel well. 

Before released him, his occupational therapist also evaluated his fine motor skills and he exceeded expectations.  :)  

He's continuing to work hard in PT too!  Does he look so big standing!?

His lower half is still weak but getting stronger.  He cruises, climbs like crazy, and is very coordinated and aware of his body and movements.  He won't bare any weight holding our fingers, but can stand briefly if tricked.  It's odd to me that a kid so daring in some ways is so nervous about standing, although I can't imagine how it would feel to stand for the first time!

He has 2 therapists now (one is in school and shadowing) and so they were able to get him to stand a lot this week and I snapped a picture.  He needs distraction and a finger touch for confidence.  She was joking that Elliott is a great pupil to learn on because he is excellent at getting out of his work :)


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