Monday, July 30, 2012

den/playroom spruce-up and downstairs rearrangement

The room that previously was our den was slowly turning into a small play room.  We'd moved our desktop to the basement and this massive computer desk was sitting empty..  Our main floor also suffers from lack of storage, with no built-ins and virtually no shelving. 

And so after some looking on Pinterest, I decided it was time to buy an Expedit from Ikea.  My parents watched the boys so Ryan and I could make a day trip to Cincinnati.  We also sold our old desk and bought a new one on clearance. 

I should have taken better before was much more awful than pictured here.  These were taken pre-kids when it was actually used as a den :)

Den before:

Den/playroom after:

The lamp was Ryan's parents, but the shade was falling apart so I got a new one.  My mom painted the boat picture and I love it so it stayed.  The clock was in the family room.  The chairs were Ryan's grandpa's.  I'd like to get some bright pillows possibly with purple/red/green/white to put there, or maybe recover the chairs at some point in a fun fabric, but for now I'm too cheap.  The chair at the desk is a dining room chair, it looks a bit awkward, and eventually I'd like to get a cushy little stool-type that doesn't have a back. Ideally I'd do really really tall, white curtains, but for now these will do.

I love sitting here and paying bills now.  Well, as much one can love to pay bills.

The shelves and file organizers (I need to put the silver labels on) are also from Ikea.  I got the bins from the Container Store and Home Goods.  The white one has all of our office supplies.  The plants are from Target (I already had one of them)


then Turn the corner...the family room looks completely different, but it is only rearranged.  We didn't buy anything.  It looks much bigger and cleaner.  The layout makes more sense.  I think the true test is that the boys actually sit on the couch to watch TV now, since it's better positioned.  The couches are also centered on the fire place and window.  We have a few toys here but they are mostly in the den.

The shelf the TV is on used to be in the den.  The picture above the fire place used to be where the TV is.  The clock (now in the den) used to be above the fire place.  The couches were mirrored on the opposite wall.  Confused yet? :)


2 comments: July 30, 2012 at 10:44 PM  

I love the new den! Ryan's grandpa's chairs are fantastic. The room seems bigger somehow ... and definitely more functional. Love it. :)

Laura, Hoosier Life Hoosier Wife July 31, 2012 at 11:28 AM  

Love it all!

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