Sunday, July 8, 2012

Children's Museum

We took the boys to the Children's Museum today.  I figured it would be really busy but it wasn't.  First we took Andrew to the new Hot Wheels exhibit and he just flipped out.  He was so excited he was shaking and definitely didn't want to leave.  Next we went to the Legos area, he liked that too, but kept asking to go back to the Hot Wheels area.  We spent a little time in the play scape, which was right up Elliott's ally - lots of safe climbing!  Unfortunately though, today was the last day before the play scape closes for about a year for remodeling :( 

I didn't bring my camera, but I took a few pictures on my iPod!

1.  Elliott and I in the Hot Wheels exhibit
2. Ryan and Elliott overlooking the Lego city
3. Nice view from up there!
4. Andrew in awe of the walkway - it was enclosed with Hot Wheels, lit up, and played car engine noises
5. Super pumped about the tracks and ramps and loops
6. Elliott and Ryan walked around and looked at the cars - Elliott was intrigued - he has recently started to drive cars!
7. Ready, set, go!
8. Wild man in the play scape!  His favorite spot was the bridge.
9. Recharging with a snack!


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