Saturday, July 28, 2012


And just after I wrote my "Big" post...

I'd gotten a really cool race track at a garage sale this spring.  I knew Andrew would go nuts if he saw it, so I decided to save it for potty training.  Since he's older (3.5) and was so comfy in diapers, I figured it might take some big guns.  I asked Ryan to hide it in our closet, but we were busy and we didn't so much hide it as just set it in there.  Andrew found it.

He wanted to play with it right away, but I told him it was a big boy toy.  A toy for boys who wear underwear and use the potty.  He'd asked about it for about 3 weeks, but upon learning that it was for kids who wore underwear, he wasn't at all interested and would promptly state that he wears monkey dipes.  Until about a week ago, and then he started to consider it.

And then Wednesday.  He said, "I want to wear underwear!"  And I said, "okay, let's go pick some out!" And this is where he normally would change his mind.  But this time, he didn't.  Hmmm...

So, I put him in undies, got out the awesome track, and tried to start pumping him full of liquid.  But, he was terrified of sitting on the potty still.  I wasn't sure what to do, I felt bad because he was holding it until it hurt, sobbing a lot, but I just told him it was up to him and it is okay to wear diapers.  And he chose to keep trying!  Finally Wednesday night he went for the first time ever!!!

Thursday he was at school all day so he basically had that day off. 

And then Friday.   He had one accident early on when I had my back turned and was really scared.  But then after a couple more times on the potty, he was comfortable and got the hang of it.  I found some videos I'd taken at the Children's Museum of him playing at his favorite exhibits.  That really put him at ease.  We also video chatted with his grandparents.  By Friday night he could completely control what was going on and we went to DQ to celebrate.  Of course he picked ice cream with oreos on top. 

enjoying his treat, sharing the good news (and his best buddy cheering him on!)

Today he did amazing.  Today again he chose to wear underwear.  He had no accidents today.  By mid-day, he asked to go twice!  Tonight he said, "I'm such a big boy!"

I know we're not done yet, but I'm so proud of the progress Andrew has made so far in such a short time.  This is all his doing.  Tomorrow we will be out of the house a little bit, so the first challenge will be a new environment.  Beyond that, he starts back at school full time (5 days a week) on August 15th.  I do not know in what ways they can assist him or if they have potty rings or what.  But, he has a 25 minute bus ride to and from school.  So, we'll see, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect because we have 2 weeks off.

and if that isn't enough, swimming is going well!


Newman Family July 29, 2012 at 6:49 AM  

Brandon has been potty trained since April (he turned 4 on July 5th). I found a portable potty that they sell at Babies R Us which I bought for when we are out which has really helped. It is out in the car but I can look to see the brand if you want.

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