Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July week

The week of the 4th we went to visit family 3 hours north.  It was quite hot that week, so we spent some time in the pool, one day at the lake, one morning at the park, and otherwise just hanging out in the a/c. 

Ryan's parents just got a new shed, which was a big hit with the kids.

Tractor, tools, pipes, boards, ramps...what more could a boy want?

They played in the yard lots.  They actually liked the grass because up there it's so, so soft and green.  Our grass is completely dead right now.  Here are a couple action shots...(Andrew playing with sticks and Elliott loving crawling in soft grass.)

We played on the deck. 

One day we went to the lake.   It was both of the kid's first time there. 

The beach is neat!

Andrew didn't go in the water but Elliott did.  He wasn't so sure.  He says, just my toes. 

Go in all the way, he gets cold and mad.

 Let's try another tactic...lifejacket & floatie

Or not

Well, maybe it's not so bad! (Smiling for grandma while she makes him rock)

"I'm still mad at you, Mom"

Andrew had a little fun doing this, but was ready to go when his feet got wet.

side note: He's not a pool/lake guy yet but we're working on it because we want him to be able to enjoy more of these times.  We started back up in swim lessons on Thursday and he went in to his thighs and was smiling the whole time! Yeah!  Then, we went with friends to the pool Saturday and he got in to his thighs again and was having fun. 

After all of that, we were all hungry.  There's nothing quite like having lunch on the porch at the lake.  So peaceful.  Can you tell Elliott was just exhausted?

aaaand back to the house.  Lots of relaxation and bonding!

Andrew spent lots of time playing with a huge lot of Matchbox cars and a neat track that all belonged to Ryan's Uncle George. He is still talking about it.

Time to cool off!

Elliott's turn

During our week we also got to see Ryan's grandparents for 2 nice visits!  The boys were very good all week, aside from Elliott deciding to climb out of his Pack 'n Play....we had quite a system rigged up to keep him in bed and promptly had to modify his bed at home.  Oy.  We drove home the morning of the 4th since Ryan went to work the next day.

Andrew keeps asking to go back to Grandma Beth and Grandpa Jim's house.  We had lots of fun and are hoping to go back soon!  

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