Saturday, June 9, 2012

quick catch-up

I just have a few random pictures from the last week to dump here - nothing super exciting!

This was cracking me up.  

Andrew still loves to draw.

They are always playing with the same toys now.  Andrew was playing with Elliott's truck and Elliott came over and pulled up on it.  I explained to Andrew he had to wait to drive away and share for a few minutes before taking off.  I thought he was cute patiently waiting.

He doesn't seem to understand that Elliott can't stand on his own, so he's always accidentally making him fall over.  Of course Elliott doesn't really seem to mind most of the time, although does get mad if he wants the toy too. 

This was 2 nights ago at the park.  Elliott has been feeling fairly miserable and Andrew was in a silly mood.

Elliott suddenly loves to play chase and peekaboo.  We were playing on this chair.  Andrew tries to play chase with Elliott too.

This was yesterday - We met up with friends at a nearby church that has an indoor playground.  Andrew didn't like it much at all the last time we went, but he enjoyed it more this time.  He needed some help climbing but he did it! all the way up the gerbil tubes to the top and down a huge, spiral slide which he loved.  Elliott really, really liked having a huge open area to crawl, and I liked it because there wasn't any mulch or rocks for him to eat :-)


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