Friday, June 29, 2012

last 2 weeks

ultimate relaxation (cartoons with Grandma Beth)

spinning is lots of fun

jumping on the bed

elliott looooves crawling on the side walk and chasing Andrew

and the water table (funky baby legs keep his knees from getting skinned up)

now that Elliott is older, Andrew is playing with him a lot more (playing chase, sharing toys) but has started pushing, hitting, biting, all playfully and not out of anger, but has spent lots of time in time out.  He's starting to learn what's OK and what's not and has been a lot better. 

Elliott, not completely innocent either

Ryan and I on date night at The Loft.  Love it!  We went to the range after and it was so much fun.

Elliott is very serious about his squeezy pouches (he gets them when he's cutting teeth or we're out!).  At right, he keeps grabbing his jaw - molars hurt!

busy boys

So glad we can play in the water again 5 days after Andrew's surgery - it's HOT out!

cutie pie

little guy got his first pair of pre-walkers!  He can stand on his own but won't, and I am betting he could take a step if he tried ;)  In the mean time he's busy climbing.

and I don't take enough videos anymore, here's one of Elliiott! Click here!


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