Monday, June 18, 2012

Elliott - 13 months

Age: 13 months 

Weight: Back down to 20 lb 10 oz.  We go back for a weight check on July 9th since he hasn't gained in over 2 months, likely due to being more active and teething and having a sinus infection, so we expect it to jump back up.  He's much slimmer but far from withering away. :)

Height: Not sure

Size:  6-12 and 12-18 month, size 3 diaper

Teething:  Cutting molars.  Yuck!

Hair:  Crazy thick.  Straight in front, wavy in back.

Sleeping:  Down to one nap.  Hip, hip, hooray.  We flex it some, but approx sleeping 8 pm - 7:30 am, nap 12:30-3.

Eating:  Eating so well now.  Can eat lots of foods and lots of it and is graduating from feeding therapy!  Some favorites are waffles, strawberries, bananas, crackers, BBQ chicken, fruit pouches. Officially on soy milk and only gets 1 bottle before bed.

Movement:  Crazy climbing kid, but coordinated at it.   Can climb stairs (loves to) and walk behind toys (but doesn't want to) and refuses to stand or practice walking (since he's so fast at crawling!) Sits up very straight now.

Milestones: Drinking all of his day time meals from a cup, off of all baby food!

Favorite toys: Melissa and Doug pound and roll tower, cars

Dislikes: Being pushed by Andrew, being contained, not getting what he wants

Loves: Swinging, crawling outside, dancing to Diego's music, water, playing chase, Noisy Kisses book

Words and Sounds:  Mama (nothing new)


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