Wednesday, June 20, 2012

bye bye, bee bo!

Andrew had surgery on Monday to fix his umbilical hernia (also tagging on an endoscopy and some other labs; we were happy to be able to combine all of these at once.)  Umbilical hernias are much more common in preemies and usually close when the stomach muscles strengthen.  (Elliott had one too, but it closed.)

Andrew was quite attached to his bee bo; he was always sucking one thumb and playing with his belly button with the other hand. 

watching cartoons

built-in toy

watering his bee bo

His surgery was early this time at 11:30 am, hooray, so with some distraction he only asked twice for a snack that morning (like hey mom, are you going to feed me today, or what?!") but otherwise was perfectly happy.  

He got to his prep room to find a whole pile of cars.  He was so excited. 



Our local hospital sure knew how to keep this little guy happy!


He cruised into surgery riding in a hand-picked red car, following a bubble parade.  He was laughing entering the doors and didn't know when Ryan and I had to slip out. 

Everything went well and we were called back after around an hour or so. He was confused for about 15 minutes after waking up, but ate a little, got some new cars again, and was ready to be on his way home. 

We watched cartoons the rest of the afternoon and he passed out early.  He woke up Tuesday with some pain, but was okay with his pain med.  Tuesday around dinner time he snapped back to almost his normal self.  Today he needed motrin once, but is acting like himself otherwise and even getting into trouble again ;) 

Andrew's bee bo, 2 months old

Andrew at his previous surgery in Dec of 2010 (ear tubes, adenoid removal, endoscopy)

I'm so glad it's over and it went well.  For Andrew anyway, the surgery/recovery has been much much easier than his adenoid removal, since that impacted his ability to eat and drink more.


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