Saturday, June 30, 2012

Andrew is 3 1/2 today!

Age: 3 1/2 yrs.  Holy moly, that rounds up to 4. 

Weight & Height:  About 30 1/2 lbs  and just shy of 38 inches tall

Size:  3T pants, can wear anywhere from 18mo to 3T shorts, depending.  He wears 3T and 4T shirts.  Size 5 diaper and size 9 shoe.

Sleep:  Andrew is outgrowing his nap and takes naps (~3 hrs) maybe 2/3 of the time and the other days he still rests.   During this transition he has been quite whiny (I'm not sure if that is why, or if it's because he's just 3, but it's definitely worse on days he doesn't nap!)

Eating:  Doing very well and we dropped his daily antibiotic 1.5 weeks ago (fingers crossed).  He definitely has preferences (he asks for cake constantly, odd, we rarely have cake around) but eats most anything if he's hungry.  Overall he's a great eater, eats a ton of variety, tries most new things, and generally eats fruits/veggies first.  He has a major sweet tooth even though we generally don't keep cookies, cake, fruit snacks, or juice around.

Movement:  Much more coordinated and confident.  He can now walk down the stairs alone and with ease.  He is getting much more adventuresome at the playground.  He can climb into the car and into his car seat himself (!!!)  which is a huge help for me! 

Milestones:  Initiating hugs and kisses for Mommy.  :) Starting to speak in Spanish (I have heard him say "mas" "adios" "amigos" and he can count 8 objects completely in Spanish.  Thank you, Diego.  Much  more interactive with "baby EEEEEEE" :) First swim lesson, first baseball game, first water slide.  I have also been doing everything I can to encourage independence and it seems to be helping - he is sometimes now demanding to do things himself, which is great!

Favorite toys:  Right now Andrew loooves his busy ball popper.  Cars, playing baseball, frisbee, blocks (various types) and his bubble machine.  He absolutely loves to draw and play in his water table.  He is too obsessed with Diego (and it has to be Diego) at the moment.

Dislikes:  Loud noises, when Elliott's in his way, food that is too cold or "hot" (hot = anything more than slightly warm), the pool

Likes:  Diego.  Cars.  Singing before bed and his most requested song is Jesus Loves Me.  The "science museum" page of his Fisher Price Class Trip book.  Art.  Ball toys.  Being outside.  Elliott - he is having a ball with his brother these days, helping him with the ball popper, giving him cars, pushing him on walks, getting him after his nap, playing on the couch, feeding him, and playing chase.

Speech: Andrew is doing very well!  After his surgery he was able to tell me that his belly hurt when he was sitting down or getting up.  I was very impressed that he was not only able to communicate pain (he wasn't able to prior to recently) but in a very descriptive way!  He more or less narrates his/our day and he is extremely observant.  During speech therapy and at home we continue to work hard on his echoholic speech, odd inflections, and social greetings. 

Potty-training: Andrew is very adamant about not wearing underwear and always having a diaper and clothes on.  In July we plan to put him in underwear so he can at least learn what it's all about.  We'll follow his cues from there.  He may not be ready, but we want to push him a little and see how he responds, as we know that he often requires a nudge.  He is quite comfortable where he is now.  We'll see how it goes!  We know he typically takes a bit more time for transitions so we're trying to be patient and not make him feel pressured. 

Current challenges:  Andrew has become very interactive with Elliott (love love love it!) but at the same time, he gets so dang excited he gets a bit rowdy.  In the last 2 weeks, all completely new behaviors, he has started hitting, biting, pushing, and hitting.  Thankfully, he isn't doing them to be mean or when he's angry, but just excited and playfully.  We have started time outs and after about a week he seems to be catching on fairly quickly as to what is okay.  It is also proving difficult to keep him engaged (especially since having surgery and being confined at home for a week!) with another little one when he is so used to such a perfectly structured and routine preschool every single day.  He starts back at school in July and that should help.  He is also very opinionated/persistent right now but I see that as a good thing. 

Things we love right now:
-His random observations, such as,  "When the light is off the light is cold and when the light is on the light is hot!". 
-How much he loves fruits and veggies.
-How everything happens "today" 
-How he mimics Elliott (crawling, saying "mamama", diving over chairs, etc)
-How he gets so excited and goofy over the most random things and words!


julie July 3, 2012 at 7:51 AM  

Nice post , Kathy ! Love reading about their milestones

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