Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Splash Adventure

Last weekend (Thurs-Fri) we went to the Big Splash Adventure resort in French Lick, Indiana.  We left when Andrew got off the bus on his last day of school, leaving behind Elliott with my parents, so we could have lots of fun with our big boy. 

We got a great Groupon deal and met up with friends at the park. It was a great way to start the summer.  Andrew had a ball and was much more comfortable than he was the last time we took him to a water park. The only thing he doesn't like is standing water, such as in the baby pool or the lazy river.  He loves all the sprinklers and after some coaxing, the water slide.

Andrew loves playing in all these little sprinklers.  They are everywhere. 

This is the big splash structure full of water traps and leads up to the slides. 

First I grabbed him and took him down the yellow slide, he was yelling "You don't want to!!!" but after twice, he loooved it and was grinning ear to ear and begging for more. 


Next Ryan took him.  Andrew had a definite opinion as to which slide (yellow or blue) we should go down each time.


He got caught under the giant dumping bucket a few times, it's a crazy amount of water.  He thinks that's funny. 


He also loved watching other people come down the slide (left) and playing with water (right)

He loved "the cabin" (our hotel room) too - and spent most of his little bit of free time there drawing. 

Little guy, tired and hungry.

I'm looking forward to some trips to the Monon Center this summer!

To see all of our trip pictures, click here!


Stephanie May 31, 2012 at 5:09 PM  

looks fun! Did you like this place or Great Wolf Lodge better?

Kathy May 31, 2012 at 6:03 PM  

They were different - I'd say Great Wolf was a little nicer, better food for sure, larger park, Starbucks in the resort, but more expensive. I sort of liked how Big Splash was a bit smaller, easier to keep track of a toddler. It was also brighter - lots of big windows versus GWL felt very dark inside. Big Splash was cheaper. The restaurant inside was AWFUL. GWL had a wave pool and Big Splash didn't have that, but I think that is geared more towards older kids (but was fun if your kids would like that.) Big Splash let us go down the slide with Andrea and GWL was adamant against it, so he wouldn't go on any slides at GWL - that alone would make me only go back go Great Splash unless your kid is brave enough to go on slides alone.

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