Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY artwork! (Instructions)

I spent about $10 total on all 4 of these. Yeah!!!!

So here's how I did it.

(1) Buy canvas boards (about 1/4" thick or so). I love Prizm in Castleton (cheap!!) they are 12" x 12" and were $1.99, I think. In my experience, Prizm's regular prices are about half of the big craft stores and they have a better selection of sizes. (I wanted large squares, which I couldn't find at Michael's.)

(2) Get scrapbook paper! (I already had some!) Draw and cut out shapes.

(3) Glue to canvases.

(4) Ask your handy husband to find wood (or MDF) in garage and cut to 13" x 13" squares and drill a hole (for hanging) in the back.

(5) Paint wood with brown spray paint.

(6) Use a nails with large, flat nail heads to attach canvases to wood squares. (See pictures) I liked the manly touch of the exposed metal :-)

(7) Enjoy! (Andrew points to them every day as soon as he wakes up...)


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