Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bath time!

I decided that Andrew needed a bath and I needed to practice with my Speedlite, so here you go!

And here are a few more pics that aren't in the collage.

He hasn't liked taking a bath in a few months. Here's when I first put him in (after he calmed a little) Notice he's holding his hands up in the air.

I tried a new strategy of locking his bath toys away so he can't play with them in between baths. He was splashing and having fun by the end.

Thanks to my friends Kelli and Karla for reminding me I should take bath pictures more often :-)

The Speedlite was perfect for this situation! I just need to keep practicing so my pictures are better as-shot. I'm having to correct a lot of exposure and white balance issues, which thankfully is easy to do when you shoot RAW!


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