Monday, January 31, 2011

25 months (a day late, oops!)

Age 25 months

Weight soaring at 25.5 lb (with clothes on)

Length 33.5 inches

Size He's really all over the place as far as sizing of clothes. He can still wear some 6-12 month shirts, 12-18 month pants are short but fit, some 18-24 fits, and some 18-24 is *huge*. I'm resorting to buying 2 sizes or trying things on. Still in size 6 1/2 shoe.

Hair: Nappy. Needs it cut.

Teeth: Got his 4 canines. Now just 2 yr molars left.

Sleeping 12 hours at night, 2 hour nap at noon. Lately sleeping an extra 2 hours a day (growth spurt).

Eating Doing significantly better!!!! Can use fork and sometimes a plate. Often demands a fork. Is willing to dip food (which makes meals more fun for him.)

Movement Climbing more.

Milestones Signing "milk". Can color pictures with crayons on paper and use stickers. Can hold our hand and walk with us at the store (sort of...ha...but he's mostly pretty good for short distances). Can make his own waffle (get the box out of the freezer, carry it to the toaster, I lift him on the counter, he gets the waffle out, opens the toast oven, puts the waffle on the shelf, closes the door, and pushes start.)

Favorite toys/activities Cars, cars, cars. He also asks to play Legos frequently, read, and play with his music-related toys.

Dislikes Being interrupted when playing outside...he does not like going from outside to inside. He isn't a big fan of baths right now. Maybe he is cold like his Mommy?

Words/sounds Andrew says "car" often and "Daddy" sometimes. He still signs "more" "eat" "all done" and now "milk". No new vocal sounds per say, but I think he's saying "EIEI-oh!", except he says "EIEI-squeal!"

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