Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spoiling the sick boy

Side note: Andrew is doing much better, but he was sick last week with a double ear infection. He'd had it so long (2 months) that I just felt plain bad for him, so I decided he deserved a distraction. So, I broke down and bought him the Melissa & Doug Car Carrier , which I highly recommend.

The minute we walked out of the store, with it still in the package, Andrew had a death grip on this thing. He played with it all day, all night, and still loves it.

He likes to drive the cars on his chair...and lines them up at the top...

He likes to drive them in his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn House....(another must have toy)

He takes the cars with him when he goes exploring around the house...

And drives them on rough terrain...

And yes, now, he even plays with the carrier part of the set :-) He's really gotten the hang of it!

This picture was taken before buying the toy...he's cuddling his pillow and watching his Richard Scarry movie.

I'm glad he is feeling better.


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