Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suitcase Kids

The other day, I met a couple friends at IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) to take pictures. I still have yet to post Andrew's 20 month pictures I took that day (oh so many of them), but first, here are some pictures of Andrew with his friends!

Here's Sammy...

Kelli brought along a cool suitcase. We took some pictures of the kids in it for fun. (I think this was more fun for the moms than the kids though!!)

And here's Rowan, trying on Andrew's hat.

Here's Andrew in the suitcase. He's trying to inspect the handle :-) Always trying to figure things out...

I think it's pretty funny that they all started walking the same week. They are definitely learning from each other. Rowan always sticks his tongue out and now Andrew is picking up that new trick!


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