Thursday, September 30, 2010

21 months!!

Wow - I can't believe Andrew is 21 months old. He seems to be learning really fast right now.

Let's see...what's new?

Andrew is cutting 4 molars and the mysterious missing front tooth he never got when he was an infant :-)

He is getting a bit steadier at walking and walking much further. He seems to actually enjoy it now, and I'm starting to find him "wandering" around the house checking things out. The last 2 days, he's become really interested in walking on challenging things - ramps, brides, sidewalk curbs, steps, cracks in the sidewalk, you name it. He is very cautious about approaching these obstacles because he knows he might fall, and generally loses his balance when he attempts, but, he he keeps trying. If I take him to play in the front yard, he wants to hold my hand and go up the curb, down the curb, up the curb, down, up, down...over and over... He is getting much better at walking on inclines. When he starts to lose his balance he usually still sits down and starts to crawl. Yesterday at the pond though, he stood up right in the middle of the grass without having anything to pull up on and started to walk again. He also started to walk while carrying a toy (ie: a car).

Let's see what else...eating! He is doing better with table food and almost completely refusing to be fed baby food (yay). This week Andrew has learned to take appropriate size "bites" out of food. He'll wait until he's done chewing, then open for another bite. The other morning he was very hungry and ate 1/4 piece of toast by biting pieces off, waiting, and eating more, and didn't throw it (!!!!) He loves to eat bananas, toast, granola bars, and cheese right now...and also shows interest in whatever we're eating. It's been an improvement.

I learned this morning Andrew can do the hand motions to pat-a-cake :-) Maybe he's been doing that for a while, but I'm not sure because we haven't sung it in a while.

He also figured out how to use the hammer on his workbench to hammer in a nail, and how to use the screwdriver to turn a screw (although takes a lot of concentration for him to get the screwdriver oriented correctly)!

Andrew also loves the slide and can go down it by himself. He laughs hysterically. Andrew also loves garbage day - Thursday - he squeals when he hears the garbage truck coming and we run out to witness the highlight of the week...I should note he is also knows the mail woman, the UPS driver, and likes the school bus as well.

Andrew's been spending a lot of time with his friends lately. His friend Rowan taught him to stick his tongue out. We went to the Children's Museum for the first time (Andrew loved the train area) with Jake, Rowan, and Luke. We spent some time at the park and playing with Sammy and Zander. We went to the zoo with Claire. We play with our neighbor girls too :) We also joined a small play group that Andrew loves; Zander is in his class. We also went to the apple orchard with a whole bunch of friends!

We went to Daddy's work picnic last week and go to play with Taylor. There was a giant blow-up slide and Andrew loved going on it. He squealed when I started to walk up the steps.

I also got to visit with my old nanny Elizabeth last weekend. I missed her!

He's waving "hi" and "bye" to everyone when they come and go. We met his friend Rowan at the park yesterday, as soon as he saw Rowan, he waved "hi"! Aw!

Andrew hasn't said any new words this month, but he's understanding new words every day. Some of his latest words (we say, he points to the object) are pack 'n play, refrigerator, water fountain, and slide. If I tell him that we are going on a wagon ride to the swings, he'll generally walk to the garage.

Andrew's favorite book right now is Cars and Trucks from A to Z by Richard Scarry. His other favorites are Noise Peekaboo Vroom Vroom and a book about construction trucks. Do you see a trend? He also loves his books about animals.


Amy F.W. October 2, 2010 at 10:24 PM  

SO cool to hear all his progress. Piper also had one front tooth that only came in about 2 months ago, she got all the top 4, 3 on the bottom, and all her 4 molars before the last front bottom one finally bothered showing up. =D So Andrew is not alone on the random-tooth-growing. =D

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