Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Year in Review

Andrew worked hard building his Pinewood Derby car!

Andrew and I went to a family fun concert with an instrument petting zoo and he talked about it for months.

Ryan and I got away to Scottsdale & Phoenix to celebrate our 10 year.  This and my brother's wedding (in May) were my favorite memories of the year!

Daddy got a new job, which has been so great for him and our family.

and we had a low key spring break including a night in Brown County!

Our baby turned 5.

and our first baby lost his 2 front teeth (in the same day!)

and mostly importantly, we have a new sister, and Aunt Misi, in our family!  What a special day and memorable trip to Washington D.C. for the wedding.

Second trip to the lake, including s'mores and kayaking of course!

The boys learned how to swim (!) and we went to the pool a lot!  It was the highlight of the summer.

We spent the 4th at the lake.

We had an end-of-summer trip to St. Joe, Michigan before school started.

and the boys started Kindergarten and 2nd grade.

This month was low key.  We had some friends visiting and Andrew got his new 20" bike!

For Fall Break we went to Memphis to visit friends!

and took the boys tailgating!

and Elliott decided to ride his bike :)

and we all dressed up for Halloween!

We went hiking at Eagle Creek with Grandma & Grandpa

We enjoyed celebrating Christmas...

and Andrew turned 8!

Happy New Year! :)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew is 8 years old, I can't even believe it!

At 8 years old Andrew:
-Loves biking, drawing, pizza, Snap Circuits, Legos, Q-Ba-Maze (marble tower), Star Wars, Gymnastics, playing in the sand box, shoveling snow, swimming, non-fiction books, his family and friends, the Monon Center's Central Park playground, and Sunday School
-"I want to be a math teacher, physicist, chemist, or Snap Circuit designer for Elenco" when he grows up.  Last week he told his pediatrician he wanted to be a "physicist, chemist, or maybe an engineer or an electrician!" so he's keeping his options open ;)
-If he could change anything about the World, Grandma & Grandpa would move to Carmel
-His favorite book is The Illustrated Dictionary of Science and The Way Things Work
-What he loves about school: "Everything." (WOW, such changes from last year!!)
-Particularly interested in circuits, gears, robots, and machines
-Wears a 7 slim pant, 7 or 8 shirt, size 1.5 shoe, 50 lbs, 48.5 inches
-Favorite games: Gravity Maze, Mouse Trap, and video games
-Favorite color is red
-If he could teleport to any 3 places he would go to Grandma Beth's house, wherever his best friend is, and to see God.
-Something new he wants to learn: "Lego Mindstorms"
-What makes me special: "That I am a really kind person"
-At 8 Andrew is very inquisitive, busy, sweet, affectionate, and curious.  He will talk your ear off about circuits :) He doesn't stop building building building during the day and he reads every night in bed before falling asleep!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Christmas Season

Merry Christmas!!  I hope everyone had a great day. Here are some photos from our season and today.

Earlier this month we went to the VIP Christmas Party in Zionsville.  The sleigh ride is the best part :)

The boys got to see Santa.  Elliott almost got stage fright but Andrew led him up.  Andrew did most of the talking going into great detail about his wish list items - a snap circuit rover and a pedal powered car. (I think he meant a Go Kart but we aren't sure!) :) Elliott asked for a bike bag.

We went to Christmas at the Zoo with friends.

One of our favorite traditions is Advent calendar.  We check it every night after dinner and they look forward to it!

Here are some pictures of the boy by the tree.  Setting up the train has become a tradition they love.

Playing with Daddy on his first vacation day!

Christmas Eve. After mass we had soup for dinner (tradition), watched A Charlie Brown Christmas (new for our kids, they loved it!), ate Christmas ice cream, and put out cookies and milk.

Christmas day was very low key!  Andrew woke up Elliott at 7:00 and we started opening gifts. (Elliott had to get dressed first, he always gets dressed the second he wakes up and he had zero intention of changing that today...haha..which is very much in line with his lets-do-this personality!!) Elliott's reaction when Andrew said "He came!!"

Santa found a gift that Elliott left him under the tree.  He wrapped up (never mind that it belongs to Andrew..) a harmonica and wrote  him a note that said "I love you Santa!"  Santa told him in his letter that he used it to play the reindeer a song but that he should keep the harmonica!

Andrew has been talking about this rover for a year.  He was elated. He immediately needed to build it and drive it (and rebuild it and drive it again) so we made breakfast and hung out a while before opening more gifts!

Elliott got a little Lego figurine in his stocking that didn't have any instructions. He goes, "This is going to be so awful to build with no directions." So Elliott.

Board games are his favorite.

I thought it was so cute that Elliott carefully saved all of his gift tags :) They are old greeting cards.

Elliott got his first video game.  He was so pumped and quite surprised because it wasn't on his list!

Andrew played with Snap Circuits and Gravity Maze most of the day.  We took a break mid-day for some much needed exercise!

Favorite (Santa) gifts this year!

Snuggling his puppy.

Oh, Daddy got something special! :)

Merry Christmas to all!

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