Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February photos

Making grandma Beth a birthday card :)

Shooting off the rocket Andrew got for Christmas.

We got a lot of decent days and spent a lot of time outside!

Ready for the takedown!

Happy Valentine's Day!

When your brother is busy doing homework and can't play with you...

Andrew picked out a journal at the school book fair and seems to love it!

Par for February, Elliott was sick quite a bit this month with sinus and ear infection and then strep a week later.  I couldn't believe he fell asleep on the couch after school.  He's feeling much better this week!

Elliott has really gotten into learn-to-draw books!  When we go to the library Andrew heads to the electricity section and Elliott heads to the craft/art section :)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

January photos

I kind of despise January but this year was particularly busy, so it went by fairly fast.  I'm so glad it's Feburary! 

Playing at the park on New Year's Day


Elliott drawing on his sick day. 


He had to fill out his Valentines the second I bought them.

Snap Circuits always

Andrew at his 1st Reconciliation. He was so proud and had a great day!

We are trying to get outside to get some exercise most every day even if it's ridiculously cold!

And a few everyday photos from December I haven't posted!

Reading after school
Baking cookies
Making Gingerbread houses at school
We made a trip up to visit Mom and Dad and Great Grandma in December too! 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pinewood Derby

Elliott is in Boy Scouts this year and Pinewood Derby was last weekend.  Elliott did most of the work and was proud of his car.  He placed 2/4 in the Lion Cubs, so he got to participate in finals, where he placed somewhere in the middle :) He has the sweetest boys in his den and the 4 of them have gotten to be good buddies.

Building his car.

Finished car!

Race day!

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