Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Decorating for Christmas!

Happy St. Nicholas Day! We put our tree last week : )

Elliott putting up window clings :) He has the  MOST Christmas spirit!

Running upstairs to set up a tree in his bedroom!

Playing with the Nativity :)


We put the finishing touches on the tree on Sunday night. It is becoming a tradition to set up their train set around the tree!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November photos

Night night!

Election day (They voted for PJ day at school!)

Veteran's Day program at school (Andrew was too far away!)

Working together to make paper airplanes.

We'll take unseasonably warm Novembers every year, please!

Visiting Great Grandma!

Elliott's project for school - a turkey disguised as Kylo Ren.

Another craft from school!

Turkey Day!

Elliott has been reading up on magic tricks...he's quite proud of himself!

Andrew was quite proud of his pinball machine :)

Teaching Elliott how to draw circuits.

Elliott hasn't taken this Santa hat off since he found it...here is was doing his homework, writing about his Holiday traditions.

We went to Christmas in the Village for the first time!

Last night I was cooking dinner and I heard the boys doing flash cards having a grand old time:) I guess Andrew thought Elliott should start preparing for Rocket Math.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hiking at Eagle Creek Park

This fall has been so beautiful!  We went hiking at Eagle Creek Park a couple weeks ago.  The kids love the nature center (they will never say no to seeing a real bee hive!) and we are soaking up all the fresh air and sunshine we can before it gets cold!

p.s. These were taken with my point and shoot. I'd highly recommend the RX100 if you're in the  market for a tiny camera!  It's a little grainy in low light but otherwise I absolutely love it!

Grandpa Don got some extra exercise in that day :)

Friday, November 4, 2016


Prior to Halloween, Elliott was adamant that we needed more decorations and our house needed to be spooky.  He wanted to decorate with bats so he cut out a bunch and I hung them on our porch.  He was pumped!!

Ryan and Elliott carved the pumpkin.  Andrew wasn't interested in helping this year so I think he was playing Hot Wheels instead :) Elliott was not at all sure about touching the guts!


That night we had a family Halloween party so Elliott baked the cookies!

This is the first time we've all dressed up!

The kids had fun trick-or-treating with a few neighbors. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

When we got home Elliott sat on the front porch by himself and handed out candy.  He was pretty excited!

I'm still not sure how November got here so quickly!

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