Saturday, August 20, 2016

Andrew's 8th NICU reunion & throwback pics

Today was Andrew's 8th NICU reunion and Elliott's 6th CCN reunion.  It is always fun to celebrate these little dudes and see old friends!






Tuesday, August 16, 2016

St. Joe, Michigan

For Andrew's 5th birthday we took him to Chicago (and left baby brother at home) - to celebrate Elliott's 5th he really wanted to go to St. Joe Michigan after seeing some photos online.  The playground on the beach was the selling point, although they didn't end up playing there much because they found the huge beach and "ocean" (Lake Michigan) to be so much fun.  Highly recommend for a quick family getaway!

First time going in the waves:

Eating Silver Beach pizza on the beach. A friend recommend a beach tent and it was really nice to have.

We loved our hotel, The Boulevard Inn, and the view was pretty cool!

A little wild at the hotel :)

Walking out to the St. Joseph Lighthouse.

On the pier.

Silver Beach Carousel

We rented a surry, which is a fun way to see the town.

Last morning!

Hey!  They are both in the water :-) It felt a little warmer the last day, or maybe we just got used to it!

Kilwin's sugar high is a must!

To see all of the photos, click here!

Friday, August 12, 2016

2nd grade & Kindergarten!

The boys started school Tuesday.  I am so encouraged by how well this week has gone and excited to see what they learn this year! 

They both said they want to be scientists when they grow up.  Most days, Elliott says he wanted to be a rocket designer that also uses a 3-D printer, but he really idolizes big brother :)


You can totally see his confidence growing in these photos!!

I got to volunteer at school to help lead the kindergartners from the bus to their classrooms. It was so cute!  Elliott has been sitting with a new friend on the bus, and they also happened to have seats next to each other in class!

Kindergarten parade on the 2nd day of school - fired up for another day!

On the first day Andrew was sad because he saw me helping the younger kids but didn't get to say hi (oops), and I saw him and his friend Westley holding hands in the hall.  Westley was telling him a story and making him laugh :) 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Kindy orientation, last day of summer vacation, & more back-to-school stuff!

Whew!  Back-to-school fun is done and the big day is tomorrow!  Both kids fell asleep immediately tonight after a very fun day, but I'm happy that they don't seem anxious about tomorrow.  Andrew loved his teacher and has several sweet friends in his class, and Elliott is nothing but excited.  He has the same teacher Andrew had, and has met a couple new friends in class at the pool this summer!  I'm definitely less ready than they are!

First I leave you with this picture of Elliott from his first day of preschool, 21 months old.  He started early because he was in OT, PT, and ST...he has come so far!

Last week, Elliott had kindergarten orientation. He was just elated the entire time.  He got to ride the bus around the block for practice.

Today was our last day of summer vacation so I let the boys pick what we did.  First we went to Square Donuts and to the library to claim their last prizes for the reading program. Then we went to the pool to swim and eat lunch (Jimmy Johns, their favorite.)

Tonight was the ice cream social!  Andrew was so excited to show Elliott around.  

Our little Elliott fish found his spot :)

Of course, I took some kindergarten pictures of Elliott like I did for Andrew.  Here is a comparison with both kiddos too! Here is Andrew's post the night before kindergarten :)

Picture over load, I know I know.  So fun!  I have a huge list of things to catch up on, plan to volunteer a lot, and will be looking for a very part time job so I can still spend lots of time with my favorite little people :)

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