Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Purdue Tailgate

In September, we took the boys to their first tailgate at Purdue.  They had a lot of fun eating all of the junk food and hanging out with the other kids.  We of course also walked around campus and of course saw Aunt Jessi! :)

"Look mom, I can do push-ups up here!" It took me back to 1999 when students did this over the fountain before it was enclosed.

The boys in front of Shreve Hall, where Ryan and I met and lived Sophomore year!


in EE129!

Andrew was on a mission to see the Chemistry labs!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

September photos

Labor day weekend, friends came to visit. Ryan and Ross have been best friends since preschool.  The kids had a lot of fun together.

The following weekend, we went to the Fall Festival!

Elliott's reading really took off and he is pretty excited about it!

We rebuilt our screen porch this summer and finished the final touches today! It's so nice, and there are no holes. Yay!

Legos every day after school

All of the experiments. Andrew is just so happy they get to do experiments at school this year!

Spirit Day

Homecoming week themes - Clockwise from top left:
College gear (Purdue), dress like a teacher, Colt's blue, Career day (scientists)

Bedtime cuteness

Soaking up these gorgeous evenings!

Andrew is pumped that he is tall enough for his 20" bike :)

Playing school

Doing homework

Checking out the new Monon Center playground!

Grandma Beth came to visit.  Elliott was elated with the new blanket she made him. (He designed it.)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Photoshoot of my kiddos!

I have been wanting to do a photoshoot of my kids in this spot for some time now. I finally went out and did it.  :)  Here are my very favorites.  Posed look-and-smile pictures are really uncomfortable for Andrew, so I've really been embracing the candid photos and letting the kids run around and be their crazy loving selves.


This was unplanned, but I love this because it's just so them.  Usually Elliott's chatting it up, and Andrew is running around exploring everything!  Elliott is extremely extroverted and Andrew is exceptionally curious!  He won a curiosity award at school last week and I love that he is driven to learn!


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