Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday, Andrew!

You can catch me on Instagram, lemen99, but I will probably continue to post birthday posts as a matter of record!

Happy 9th birthday Andrew!  I'm amazed at how grown up you seem lately.  You are such a sweet, friendly, passionate, and curious little boy.  You're a really amazing friend and have grown to have a lot of self-awareness this year.

-I want to be ("I don't know!") when I grow up.
-If I could change anything about the world, "I would make all cars be Tesslas!"
-What do you love about school? "Recess."
-Wears a 8 slim pant, 7-8 shirt, sz 3.5 shoe, 53 lb, ~51.5"
-Favorite color is black
-Dislikes, "bad guys and trick people!"
-What makes me special, "I'm 9. I'm Elliott's older brother and I'm really nice."
-Likes to read non-fiction books (machines/robotics/Legos/science are favs), mysteries, and graphic novels
-Favorite games: X-wing and Apples to Apples

At 9 years old you love: mountain biking, pizza, playing tag (and being the "it") at recess, building contraptions, Star Wars, Smith Lake, swimming, the sand box, shoveling snow, Minecraft, laser tag, mini golf, mastering the Perplexus Warp, Tesslas, robotics, RC cars, and a new interest this year - basketball!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mother's Day

I am considering suspending my blog and instead posting favorite photos on Instagram.  Feel free to follow me!  My screen name is "lemen99" :)

For Mother's Day I asked for an updated family photo and photos of me with the kids :)  Thanks to my sweet boys made me special all weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Elliott!

Elliott is 6 already! At 6 years old Elliott:

-Loves biking, Legos, puzzles, swimming, Star Wars, Boy Scouts, board games, coloring, reading, water slides, talking on the phone, school, and the hammock.
-But most often he just wants to hang out, talk, and make people laugh.
-He frequently wear his shark tooth necklace, dragon hat, and/or his scorpion bracelet. :)
-Randomly to Andrew last week, "Let me tell you something about myself. I love glow in the dark things."
-If he could change anything about the World: "No one smokes (cigarettes)."
-His favorite book is Usborne Look Inside Space.  He also loves Harry Potter, Dog Man, and he always sits next to me while I read Food Network Magazine :)
-He recently learned to snap.
-I don't like: "when Andrew takes my Legos."
-When I grow up: "I want to be an astronaut and study the moon."
-What I love about school: "I get to read books."
-Favorite colors are red and blue!

-He is into healthy eating (he frequently asks me about the sugar or protein content of his food) because he wants to be strong (so he can beat Grandpa Don at wrestling, obviously)
-Something new he wants to learn: "How to read a whole chapter book in one night. That's going to be hard."
-What makes me special: "When I was a baby I had dark hair and I am the baby of the family."
-What makes me happy: "When Andrew plays with me!"
-What makes you nervous?: "Only nightmares. Only butmares. (giggles) Will you print butmares in my baby book?"
-The best part of being 6? "Playing video games."

First thing this morning, he jumped into Andrew's bed :)

Ready for school. How do you feel?

Taking his new wheels for a spin:

6 year stats: 5 slim pant (or sometimes a 5 now, he just filled way out and buttons aren't buttoning..), size 6 shirt, 4 short, 11 shoe, heights & weight TBD.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Andrew's 1st Holy Communion

We are so grateful for our church. Everyone there is very welcoming and they are flexible and accepting. Our Sunday school teachers are amazing and I think he feels so at home there.  They did a great job of preparing the kids and it has been fun to see his faith grow so much. On his first communion day, he told Ryan he wants to be a priest. I'd not heard him say that but I think he finds comfort at our church and seems to admire our head priest.
 He wore these sunglasses all day and couldn't wait to take a picture in them.

 Ready to go!
 My mom took this shot during the ceremony procession.
 After the ceremony
 They were supposed to look at me but this was cuter :)
 Afterwards we celebrated at home with Jimmy Johns sandwiches (his favorite) and cake!
 With his Godfather, Uncle Mike!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring Break week (April)

Making a spaceship out of a box :) playing at the local gym: hanging out! a night at Great Wolf Lodge with Grandma and Grandpa.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


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